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Fish, Fuji, and Fortune: This Week's Gems

Welcome to issue #3 of Japan Dream Houses, where Fish, Fuji, and Fortune await!
This week, we're reeling in seven captivating properties that showcase the diversity of Japan's real estate market. Cast your net over three bargain homes under $30k, perfect for those fishing for a great deal. Feast your eyes on a property offering breathtaking views of the iconic Mount Fuji and Enoshima. For the fortune-seekers, we've hooked an enticing investment rental promising solid returns. From coastal retreats to urban gems, this issue is packed with opportunities to make your Japanese property dreams a reality.

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Click on any of the house images to view the respective real estate company’s offering.

Discover this beautifully renovated 4LDK home located in the peaceful Kihara, Yachimata City, Chiba. Perfect for families seeking a spacious and comfortable living space with modern amenities. This home is an incredible value.

Price: $30,000
Floor space: 113.9
Land area: 149

Discover an amazing opportunity to own a home in the bustling city of Osaka. Known for its modern architecture, vibrant nightlife, and delicious street food, Osaka offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation. This affordable 2LDK terrace house is perfect for those looking to invest in a property with great potential.

Price: $12,000
Floor space: 66
Land area: 70.1

Enjoy the peaceful lifestyle Izu has to offer with this recently renovated home, both inside and out. Perfect for fishing and marine sports enthusiasts, it’s also great for vacation rentals or as a second home.

Price: $24,000
Floor space: 98.82
Land area: 198.34

We had a request for rental properties, so here you go!

Discover this fantastic investment opportunity in Yokohama, one of Japan's most vibrant and rapidly developing cities. This property offers great potential with a high return on investment. Located just 2 minutes from a station and an 11-minute walk to Yokohama Station, it provides exceptional convenience and accessibility.

Price: $43,000
Floor space: 16.4 m²
ROI: 9.01%

This unique property is perfect for those who appreciate minimalist design and the beauty of nature. Located in a serene residential area near the bustling Monzen-Nakacho, it offers both tranquility and convenience. Two stations are less than a 10-minute walk away.

Price: $945,000
Floor space: 108
Land area: 56.55

Enjoy panoramic views of Sagami Bay, Mt. Fuji, and Enoshima from your living room. This home, with its elegant Japanese design and natural wooden finishes throughout, needs to be seen to be believed. 

Price: $478,000
Floor space: 135.8
Land area: 277.6

Located just 90 minutes from Kobe, this idyllic log house sits atop a hill on Koshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea, known for its mikan and Hinase oysters. Situated in Bizen City's Hinase Town, this area is renowned as a vacation spot for residents of Osaka, Kobe, and Okayama, boasting a mild climate year-round, calm seas, and stunning views of the Hinase Archipelago.

Price: $48,000
Floor space: 79.54
Land area: 403

Ask the Experts: Japan Property

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Q: What role does a judicial scrivener play in Japan for real estate?

A: In Japan, a scrivener, known as a "shiho-shoshi" (司法書士), plays a crucial role in real estate transactions. Think of them as a mix between a notary public and a specialized legal professional. Their involvement is not just helpful—it's often essential. Here's why:

  1. Document preparation: Judicial scriveners draft and review all necessary legal documents for property transactions. This includes the sales agreement, registration documents, and other required paperwork.

  2. Legal checks: They conduct thorough checks on the property's legal status, ensuring there are no outstanding liens or disputes.

  3. Registration: Judicial scriveners handle the official registration of the property transfer at the Legal Affairs Bureau. This step is crucial for recognizing you as the new legal owner.

  4. Liaison: They often act as a bridge between buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and government offices, facilitating smooth communication.

  5. Tax guidance: While not tax experts per se, scriveners can provide basic guidance on property-related taxes and may assist with some tax document preparations.

For foreign buyers, working with a reputable scrivener can be particularly valuable. They can help navigate the complexities of the Japanese real estate system and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

For those looking to save some costs when purchasing, it may be wiser to have your own scrivener than use the one provided by the real-estate agent. They tend to charge more as part of their service.

Remember, while real estate agents handle the commercial aspects of the sale, judicial scriveners focus on the legal side. Their services do come at a cost, but considering the importance of proper documentation and registration in Japan, it's not only an investment in peace of mind, but a legal requirement.

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