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A Friggin' Castle

Welcome to the first issue of Japan Dream Houses! Our newsletter will showcase seven interesting properties each week. And what better way to kick off the newsletter than with a castle?

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Yep. We had to show this. Someone went and built a modern-day, 6-story castle in Hokkaido.
We’d tell you more, but Century 21 has a great write-up and videos, so check it out!
Warning: Castle does not include samurai, horses, or Anjin-san. 

Cost: $65,000
Floor space: 1,571
Land area: 5,045

Built in 1929, this Kominka house sits along the road leading to the coast in Kyoto Prefecture. It has been renovated to commercial specifications, equipped with a kitchen, and has been used as a restaurant in the past.

Cost: $257,000
Floor space:: 92
Land area: 125

Stunning three-story unit is a modern architectural masterpiece constructed with reinforced concrete, ensuring both durability and contemporary aesthetics. Amazing natural lighting. Located in the highly sought-after Meguro district of Tokyo. 4 minutes walk to nearest station.

Cost: $972,000
Floor space: 105
Note: Managed Property

From the amazing Onjuku, Chiba area, famous for surfing and beach lifestyle. Very modern and spacious. This house is ready to move in and offers great lighting, rooms, and land.

Cost: $257,000
Floor space: 135
Land area: 334

Prime position in this Okayama village and is estimated to be over 200 years old. Well maintained and a jewel of the village, which boasts many other fine, historic buildings.

Cost: $32,000
Floor space: 426
Land area: 958

Izu is famous for its beautiful coastline, rugged mountains, and mild weather - no wonder it’s a favorite escape area for Tokyo’s residents.

Cost: $62,000
Floor space: 92
Land area: 346

Located within driving distance of Niigata City, this house is completely renovated and includes a Japanese garden, exterior shed, and parking for 10!

Cost: $149,000
Floor space:: 281
Land area: 2,875

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Ask the Experts: Japan Property

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Ask questions to our team about anything related to buying property in Japan.

Q: What are the legal requirements for a foreigner to buy a property in Japan?

A: In Japan, there are no specific legal restrictions on foreigners buying property. Both residents and non-residents can purchase property without needing special permission. However, there are a few important points to consider:

  1. Visa Status: While there are no restrictions on property ownership, your visa status may affect your ability to secure a mortgage from a Japanese bank. Permanent residents, long-term residents, and those with a stable income in Japan are more likely to obtain financing. Cash, of course, makes all these issues magically disappear though navigating international bank transfers is another topic!

  2. Registration: The property purchase must be registered at the local Legal Affairs Bureau. This involves transferring the title deed to your name. This process typically requires the assistance of a judicial scrivener (司法書士, shihō shoshi), who will handle the legal documentation.

  3. Taxes: When purchasing property, you will be responsible for several taxes, including:

    • Stamp Duty: Paid on the purchase agreement.

    • Registration and License Tax: Paid when registering the property.

    • Acquisition Tax: Paid a few months after the purchase.

    • Annual Fixed Asset Tax and City Planning Tax: These are ongoing taxes paid annually.

  4. Real Estate Agent: It's advisable to work with a real estate agent, especially one who has experience dealing with foreign buyers and can provide bilingual support. The agent can help navigate the property search, negotiation, and purchase process.

Overall, the process of buying property in Japan as a foreigner is relatively straightforward compared to many other countries, as long as you comply with the standard procedures and requirements.

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