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Welcome to the second issue of Japan Dream Houses! Our newsletter will showcase seven interesting properties each week.

This week’s selection includes properties with majestic views - Fuji-san, the coast, the mountains, and Tokyo. No matter what you like, you’ll find it here.
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Whether you're dreaming of mountain tranquility, coastal serenity, or urban sophistication, your ideal Japanese home awaits. Maybe it’s even in this issue! Happy house hunting!

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An incredible price for a stunning view. Our first issue listed a property close by, now discover another gem on the Izu coast, a popular getaway for those from Tokyo. This two-story hillside home offers abundant natural light and is nestled in the midst of nature.

Price: $23,000
Floor space: 86.05
Land area: 140.36

Located in the South Hakone Diamond area of Kannami, Shizuoka, this vacation home offers stunning views of Mount Fuji and the Hakone mountain range from its wood deck. Built on elevated ground, this villa comes with its own hot spring bath, perfect for relaxation. Amazing price for an amazing view.

Price: $37,000
Floor space: 81
Land area: 401

Perched in the exclusive Fuyo-dai villa area, this stunning vacation home offers breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Yamanaka. The property boasts modern amenities including floor heating, double-pane windows, and a large open-plan living area with an open-concept kitchen. Gated community.

Price: $614,000
Floor space: 127
Land area: 493

Designed by an award-winning architect, highlights include a bathroom opening to the courtyard, a spiral staircase connecting levels, and a hidden tatami room accessible via a bridge-like terrace. Located just 7 minutes' walk from Daitabashi Station in the prestigious Setagaya-ku area.

Price: $875,000
Floor space: 152
Land area: 105

Currently a vacation rental with an impressive 78% occupation rate, this beautiful home is in the lush forests of North Karuizawa, offering a unique blend of privacy and natural beauty. The property's main attraction is its private Finnish-style sauna, complete with a wood-burning stove and a natural spring water fed tub, perfect for forest bathing under the stars.
Turnkey investment or ready to be yours!

Price: $312,000
Floor space: 99
Land area: 1079

Nestled in the picturesque Usami area of Ito City, this designer home offers a perfect blend of modern comfort and natural beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery and mountain views, the residence features an open-plan living area with high ceilings and large windows, showcasing the serene surroundings. Just 6 minutes by car from Usami Station.

Price: $48,800
Floor space: 86.01
Land area: 261

Historic old house with uninterrupted views of the Seto Inland Sea. Nestled in a prime location where every south-facing room offers breathtaking ocean vistas, this property is perfect for those yearning to live amidst nature without sacrificing comfort. It features a soundproof room, ideal for musicians, and expansive grounds suitable for gardening enthusiasts.

Price: $56,000
Floor space: 118.89
Land area: 1,946

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Q: Does Japan have a retirement visa, or how can I best stay in Japan?

A: Great question! Japan, despite its appeal to retirees, doesn't offer a specific "retirement visa." However, don't let that discourage you! There are several pathways for extended stays in this beautiful country.

For retirees, the most viable options typically include:

  1. Long-term resident visa: While not specifically for retirees, it's sometimes granted to those with strong ties to Japan.

  2. Investor/Business Manager visa: If you're interested in investing in or starting a business in Japan, this could be your ticket to a longer stay.

  3. Highly Skilled Professional visa: For those still interested in working, this visa favors experienced professionals in specialized fields.

  4. Spousal visa: If you're married to a Japanese national, this is often the simplest route.

Remember, each of these options has specific requirements and considerations. The key is to identify which aligns best with your skills, resources, and long-term goals in Japan.

In the meantime, many retirees start with extended tourist stays. Most nationalities can visit for up to 90 days at a time, potentially allowing up to 180 days per year with a break in between.

Ultimately, retiring in Japan requires careful planning and often a bit of creativity. But with the right approach, you can make your dream of calling Japan home a reality!

At JHD, we strongly recommend doing an extended visit in the areas you are interested in before purchasing. An exploratory vacation can help solidify your decision making process. Everyone has specific needs and wants. Feel free to ask us which areas we think would best match you.

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